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 rosemarie deherrera


"My music comes within my heart and soul. “After all, music is what feelings sound like!”"

- Rosemarie

 rosemarie deherrera

Rosemarie, a natural born entertainer and vibrant multi-talented stage personality has been exciting the music community with her stellar concerts. She has been captivating audiences with material ranging from high energy country songs to soft emotional love ballads.


“I was born with the desire to perform and sing,” she says. “At four and a half years old, I got “the fire in the belly” and have thought about singing every day since!”


I always think about performing and remember the compliments and happy faces from the audiences during my performances! She has performed for tens of thousands of people from every walk of life. From Corporate Parties, Fairs and Festivals, Concerts, Country Bars, Nightclubs, Casinos, and Weddings. Rosemarie has done it all.


This CD has 5 of her original debut songs written by Nashville writers and produced by Rick Durrett of Rick Durrett Productions and Gary Sadker of Red Ridge Entertainment, in Nashville. The two best Country Guitarist recorded on this album. Brian Nutter performs lead guitar on “Behind Those Eyes”. He has toured with Taylor Swift and Keith Urban for many years. On the cut , “Since You Let Me Go,” Brian makes the guitar whine like a sexy saxophone, that will melt your heart!


Chris Leuzinger, one of Garth Brooks G men for 25 years, takes lead on, “Cry ‘n Try Again”, “Do Me A Favor”, “Let the Stranger In” and KT Oslin’s, “Round The Clock Lovin’”. Chris was inducted into the Nashville Music Hall of Fame, June 2016. He can play like no one else!!




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